Computer Setup

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If you have ever purchased a new computer then you have an idea about the process of setting it up and getting it to work for you. VidCom Technology offers Computer Setup service, relieving you of unnecessary stress and confusion associated with the set up process.

Almost every new computer comes loaded up with “crapware” – software that you don’t need, have no idea what it even is, and is most often a trial product anyway that will end up popping up a reminder that you need to buy it. Not only do we clean up all the clutter of crapware, we also install the best anti-virus software and the necessary software programs that you will need. Even more, we will optimize your computer for best performance. We also advise you on back up options because the simple truth is, were talking about a computer, a machine, that is designed to fail at some point and there is nothing worse than losing all of your data because you didn’t have a back up system in place.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could just power on your new computer (or your old one) and not have to deal with a set up process? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing you have a reliable and affordable service shop to help you keep your computer working smoothly for you?

Send us a message, give us a call, or just stop in – we’re here to help you.